Wooden tabletop made of old structured wood

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  • Manufacturer: PaulBunyan
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  • €337.25 €312.25 / m²
Our technology Why we use reclaimed wood?

Size of the wooden tabletop: tailor-made (length x width)
Thickness of the old wood tabletop: 4 - 10 cm
Material: original old wood with structured surface from the core of old beams (even with little cracks, protected with oils and waxes - resistant to water, stains from wine, coffee etc.).
Color: natural, walnut, ancient oak, semi bleached, bleached

The price indicated refers to 1 square meter area of old wood tailor-made tabletop (e.g. 100 x 100 cm). The value of the tabletop depends of its surface area.

Minimal width - 40 cm. Maximal width - 120 cm. If you're looking for a tabletop narrower than 40 cm - please browse our shelves or window sills. If you're looking for a wider tabletop - please look at our collection of tables.If you have any other questions - contact us. Paul Bunyan will definitely find time to help with your needs :)

Unique wooden tabletop made of old wood with structured surface! It is cut out from the core of old beams making it an even surface with old wood character so loved by many. It is the best choice for easy daily usage. As our all wooden products, we will also make this old wood tabletop for you in compliance with the highest quality standards. In the process of production we will only recycled material. We use only high quality natural oils and waxes to protect the surface. Thanks to them the old wood will preserve its beautiful appearance for several next generations. The wooden tabletop that we will make for you will be the result of several dozen of hours of our craftsmen handwork who, with joy and pride, make PaulBunyan products for You!