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Our technology

Just pick which materials you want and we will deliver the samples to you!

Wondering which type of brick tile to choose? Or maybe you are looking for the perfect old wallboard, but you don't know if light brown, dark brown or whitewashed will work out the best? Whatever the reason our samples are waiting for you!

Decide which materials are for you and order samples today!

Brick wall tiles:

3x Reclaimed Wall Tiles - THORN
3x Reclaimed Wall Tiles - BOSTON
3x Reclaimed Wall Tiles - LONDON
3x Reclaimed Wall Tiles - GERMAN PREMIUM

Brick floor tiles:

1x Reclaimed Floor Tiles - THORN
1x Reclaimed Floor Tiles - LONDON

Reclaimed wall planks: (various width, length approx. 26 cm)

1x reclaimed wall plank - dark brown: wax protected & raw
1x reclaimed wall plank - light brown: wax protected & raw
1x reclaimed wall plank - grey: wax protected & raw
1x reclaimed wall plank - bleached