Reclaimed wood planks - dark brown

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  • Manufacturer: PaulBunyan
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    Delivery time: approx. 6-8 weeks
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  • €52.25 / m²
Our technology Why we use reclaimed wood?

Commercial showcase:

The Brain Embassy: click and see

Hotel Sopot****: click and see

Lemon restaurant: click and see

Planning on installing our planks? It's easy!

Video tutorial: watch our tutorial

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Technical specs:

Reclaimed planks width: from 8 to 20 cm, mixed

Reclaimed planks thickness: 1,5 cm

Material: original reclaimed pine

Recommended installation options: nailing to a wooden frame, sticking with glue (up to 150 cm length)

Available colors: brown, dark brown, grey, bleached

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up to 150 cm - choose this option if you want to order wall planks with length up to 150 cm (but various width)
over 150 cm - choose this option if you want to order wall planks with length over 150 cm (with maximum length between 200 - 240 cm, various width)

No (planks with various length and width) - choose this option if you don't need planks with specific length or you want to trim them by yourself. By choosing this option you will receive reclaimed wall planks with various length and width.
Yes (planks trimmed to your wall size) - choose this option if you need wall planks with specific length and you want us to trim them for you. By choosing this option you will receive reclaimed wall boards trimmed to your desired wall size (width x height). Enter the dimensions in the COMMENTS section in your basket. It is the most common choice by our customers.

Wax protection
No (raw surface) - choose this option if you plan to use our wall planks in places where there will be no exposure to water and stains..
Yes (protected surface) - choose this option if you plan to use our reclaimed wall boards in places with exposure to water oraz stains (such as kitchen, bathroom, busy hallway, restaurant). By choosing this option you will receive wall planks protected with high quality natural waxes and oils. Our oils darken the wood by giving it a wet look effect.

If you have any other individual wishes about the dimensions or looks of our reclaimed wood planks - please contact us through e-mail or give us a call. Paul Bunyan will surely find some time to help with your needs :)

Introducing original reclaimed wood planks!

Wooden planks made of old, reclaimed wood are unique way to add style to your interior. Each of them is manually cleaned and processed to reveal their unique structure. Because they were hand hewn from thick, old trees they are harder and more durable than new or aged planks. We can cut them down to size on request.

While thousands of wooden buildings are tear down every day and the material is used as firewood, we collect this precious material and create unique decorations from it! This is why our original reclaimed wood planks are so unique!

PaulBunyan® reclaimed wall planks are characterized by greater hardness and wearability than new planks since they have a high density of large jars and were cut by hand from old trees by woodcutters from the last century. We prepare them for you in a professional way bringing to the surface the beauty hidden in them by hand as we thoroughly clean the surface of every board.

Dark brown boards owe their dark chocolate colour to the effect of natural factors such as the sun, the rain, the snow and the wind and will add a touch of the outdoors to any room.

For your convenience we prepare a bookmark for fast assembly on each plank and we also work them in a way so that they have a consistent thickness.

These are 100% the original, select product from original recycled material at the same time so simple to mount like contemporary "panels".