ORLANDO reclaimed wood and black steel dining table

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  • Manufacturer: PaulBunyan
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Technical specs:

Available sizes of reclaimed wood table:
▪ 160 x 90 cm (4-person)
▪ 220 x 100 cm (6-person)
▪ 280 x 100 cm (8-person)
▪ 340 x 100 cm (10-person)
▪ 400 x 110 cm (12-person)

Height: 76 cm

Tabletop material: original reclaimed old wood finished with highest quality natural wax - available surface types: hand saw cut (uneven top with cracks) or structured (even top with less cracks)

Tabletop thickness: 5 cm

Tabletop colors: natural, nut, antique oak, light bleached, bleached

Table base: high quality black steel - hand painted, scratch resistant

Table base colors (matt finish): black, white, graphite, raw metal effect

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ORLANDO the adventure begins here!

Orlando is often called The capital of Theme Parks, so one cannot be bored there! Disneyworld on one hand and Universal Studio on the other and all of it combined with the biggest student campus in the US. It is this campus that inspired us to create a table that suits ideally for everyday purposes both in the office and dining room. Maybe it will not take You to the La la land nor to the Theme Parks but you will definitely experience several food adventures here! We made the table out of reclaimed wood and metal that we meticulously processed for many hours working on every detail in our workshop. It guarantees exceptional aesthetic experience and fits perfectly the contemporary industrial style. It will definitely introduce an exceptional modern style to Your interior. ORLANDO is always alive as our table!

How we make our legendary tables?

All our products are made from original old wood and metal with the world’s best quality standards and we put all our experience into making it the best in the world. Each piece is 100% hand-made, unique and exceptional! To make our tables we use hand-picked materials - original old wood sourced from demolition of old buildings and highest quality metal. Tabletops are secured with original mixture of natural oils and waxes (sunflower oil, linseed oil, soya oil, safflower oil as well as carnauba and candelilla waxes), thanks to which it will preserve its beautiful appearance for several next generations.

Original reclaimed wood furniture from PaulBunyan is the most unique product you can have. Most of these original pieces are an only copy in the world made especially for you. The reclaimed wooden table is the result of several dozen of hours of work of our craftsmen who, keeping with generational family tradition, with joy and pride, make PaulBunyan products for You! We perform all works by hand for you so that everytime you sit down you will know you have one of the most unusual tables in the world.

Why old reclaimed wood?

We use only original old, reclaimed wood that is several dozen to even 300 years old. The surface carries unusual aesthetics and tracks of original techniques of processing. It surpasses contemporary material in terms of its quality since it was sourced from natural forrests and with years it became hard and durable. This is why hundreds of customers around the world fell in love with it and we believe you will too!