Old brick impregnation for walls - ProtectGuard Invisible

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Our technology

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Protects agains:



Waterproof, oilproof, stain and graffiti-proof, for porous materials:
  • The ProtectGuard® surface looks like new for longer and is easier to maintain.
  • ProtectGuard® is invisible after application and does not change the appearance or character of the substrate on which it is applied. The preparation is UV-resistant and does not yellow over time.
  • ProtectGuard® does not form a coating on the surface, the substrate is air and water vapour permeable.
ProtectGuard products protect not only against water, but also against all kinds of fats (oils, cooking fats, etc.) as well as atmospheric and industrial pollution. They remove chewing gums and other noxious dirt in a matter of seconds and trouble.
ProtectGuard is an absolutely environmentally friendly liquid because it does not contain harmful substances (solvents, silicone, etc.). 
Anti-Graffiti protection
Guard Industry products are incredibly effective against graffiti, preventing ink and paint from penetrating walls, making graffiti removal child's play.
Reclaimed (old) brick wall tiles: 5-6 m²
Terracotta: 7 m²
Cobblestones: 6 m²
Concrete: 5 m²
Cement layer: 3,3 m²
Limestone: 2 m²
Sandstone: 5 m²
Natural stone: 20 m²

Averages are given for information only. The actual amount of product required depends on the porosity of the substrate.


protection against water, oil, stains and dirt
delays ageing
does not form any coating
High UV resistance
allows the surface to breathe
for walls, roofs and floors
for indoor and outdoor use
easy and quick to use

without the addition of solvents
almost 100% biodegradable      
absolutely safe