Old brick impregnation for walls - ImperGuard

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Our technology

Protects against:

  WATER          UV 

ensures impermeability and protects against moisture
strong penetrating properties
rapid effectiveness
does not form a film, keeps the base breathing
odorless and invisible
resistant to uv and frost
for external use
easy to apply

without petroleum solvents
volatile organic compounds < 1 g/l
biodegradable > 90% within 28 days

 Organic product
ImperGuard® SF is a high-performance waterproofing product that ensures the impermeability of porous facades, thus reducing the harmful effects of moisture.
  • ImperGuard® SF is very fast (from a few hours to 3 days) and has properties that cure the surface of the material, making it less susceptible to mechanical damage.
  • ImperGuard® SF is invisible after application and does not change the appearance or character of the substrate on which it is applied. The preparation is UV-resistant and does not yellow over time.
  • ImperGuard® SF does not form a coating on the surface, the substrate is air and water vapour permeable.
  • ImperGuard® SF is used outdoors and indoors on vertical surfaces made of concrete, stone, plaster, brick, sandstone, etc.
  • ImperGuard® SF is used for new materials and reclaimed ones.

Average coverage:
1 liter covers: 3 to 6 m²

Averages are given for information only. The actual amount of product required depends on the porosity of the substrate.