Old brick impregnation for flooring - ProtectGuard WL Flat Finish

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Our technology

Protects against:



protection against water, oil, stains and dirt
delays ageing
does not form any visible coating
High UV resistance
allows the surface to breathe
for walls, roofs and floors
for indoor and outdoor use
easy and quick to use

without the addition of solvents
almost 100% biodegradable      
absolutely safe

Organic product
ProtectGuard WL Flat Finish is a waterproof preparation, resistant to all kinds of oils and other dirt. One application is enough to protect your surfaces from air, grease, water, acid rain and industrial pollution.
  • ProtectGuard WL Flat Finish blocks all types of grease from penetrating materials. With our product, surface maintenance will become banally easy and substrates will look like new for much longer.
  • ProtectGuard WL Flat Finish gives the surfaces a wet appearance (depending on the material), thus enhancing their natural colour.
  • Due to its permeability, our product allows the substrate to pass through air and water vapour.
  • ProtectGuard WL Flat Finish is UV-resistant and will not yellow over time.
ProtectGuard WL Flat Finsh can be used both indoors and outdoors without any restrictions for porous materials:
  • Natural stone, terracotta (floor tiles), concrete brick, cement, sandstone, plaster
Average coverage:
1 liter covers: 6 to 10 m² (2 coats)

Averages are given for information only. The actual amount of product required depends on the porosity of the substrate.