Reclaimed Wall Tiles - BOSTON

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  • Manufacturer: PaulBunyan
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    Delivery time: 7-14 days
  • €47.25 €42.25 / m²

Our technology

How to lay our brick tiles?

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Technical specs

Size of the brick wall tile: approx. 25 x 6 cm

Thickness of the brick wall tile:  approx. 2,5 cm

Usage of the brick wall tile: 52 pieces / 1 m² (with 1 cm jointing)

Weight of the brick wall tile: about 40 kg / 1 m²

Packing: brick wall tiles are packed in 5 pieces packages with stretch foil and shipped on pallet

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The BOSTON brick tile is characterised by an irregular shape of the front, rounded sides and a clean surface of the face. The diversity of the structure creates the effect of an old brick wall, but with a cleaner look than THORN brick tiles.


Why reclaimed wall tiles by PaulBunyan? 

The quality of the brick wall tiles by PaulBunyan is higher than that of contemporary bricks, as the clay used in their manufacture has been seasoned for several years and has therefore acquired the necessary strength and insulation properties. The wall made from PaulBunyan's old brick tiles guarantees durability and longevity.

The brick tiles are made by qualified PaulBunyan team. They are the result of manual craftsmanship and precise work with great attention to detail! You will not buy this type of old brick wall tile in any ordinary shop!

Our tiles are manufactured in a closed, heated space. This ensures that they reach our customers clean, pre-dried and ready for assembly.

Think about protection

We have a range of repellents for old bricks from world famous producer GuardIndustry. They are environmentally safe and do not contain harmful substances. They protect not only against water, but also against all kinds of fats (oils, cooking fats, etc.) and atmospheric and industrial pollution. Available options are invisible, half matt and gloss. See the full range of impregnations here.

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